Terms & Conditions

Service Agreement

Cambridge Bootcamps agrees to provide outdoor group training sessions in Cambridge led by a qualified coach, using a mixture of bodyweight exercises and various equipment to develop the qualities of strength, fitness and overall health. Please note, in agreeing to the below terms and conditions, you will be applying for and entering into a legally binding contract with Cambridge Bootcamps.

Teamup Booking System

- We use an online, third party gym management system. All transactions, payments, membership management, class registration, cancellations are done through this web app. - All members are responsible for managing their own account and memberships on this system, this includes class registration and membership cancellations. - No cash is taken onsite at bootcamp locations. All payments are done online through Teamup.

Fixed Membership Fees

- Payment is made in full at the start of a fixed term (6 or 12 month membership). The membership access will finish at the end of the term and will not automatically renew. - The 6 and 12 month upfront memberships cannot be refunded or suspended. If there is a reasonable change of circumstance (address change, job change) an application in writing for a part refund may be considered and will be decided on a individual basis.

Monthly Membership Fees

In order to take advantage of the discounted membership, you must to agree to the following terms and conditions;  - Your first payment is done pro rata, depending on when you join in the month. - Subsequent payments for the month ahead are taken on the first of each month. - All monthly memberships automatically renew after the initial contract term on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel the membership at any time through your account on Teamup or in writing to Cambridge Bootcamps. (The initial contract term is the first prorated month plus one full month.) - During the initial contract term, payments can not be suspended. For injury/illness/absence your time off can be given back to you at the end of the initial contract term. See ‘Membership Cancellation and Suspension’ for more details.

Missing Membership Fee Payments

- If you don’t pay your membership fees on time, you will not be able to attend classes until you have paid what is owed. - By stopping payments during your initial contract term, you are breaking this agreement.  - Stopping payments through your bank account does not constitute cancellation of your membership agreement with us and we will still pursue any membership fees owed to us.

Membership Cancellation and Suspension

- You may cancel your membership after the initial contract term at any time, by giving us notice or through your Teamup account BEFORE the subsequent payment is due to leave your account. - You may notify us of your cancellation by email to [email protected] - Alternatively you may cancel your membership yourself through your Teamup account. - Any request for cancellation and/or a subsequent refund after missing the cancellation deadline will not be permitted and the membership will roll to the next month. - Stopping payments through your bank account without giving notice of cancellation or without cancelling it yourself through Teamup, does not constitute cancellation of your membership agreement. - We can put your membership on hold if you have developed an injury or illness that stops you coming to bootcamp classes. We will require a doctors certificate to put a membership on hold. - During your initial contract term, payments can not be suspended. On receipt of written notice and a doctors certificate, we can give you the time back once your initial term is up. - Memberships can only be put on hold for full calendar months and at least 5 working days notice must be given prior to the end of the month in order to do this.

Refund Policy

- Refunds for membership payments, drop-in sessions, events or other programs are not given other than in the case of an error on our part. - If you sign up for a membership or drop-in session and do not use it, we regret we are unable to offer a refund for unused sessions. - We do not offer refunds in the event of injury/illness. If you notify us immediately of the issue, we can put your membership on hold and credit you with the time for unused membership.

Changes To Locations & Class Timetable

- Cambridge Bootcamps operates from various locations across Cambridge on a rental basis and is subject to any changes the landlords wish to make or bring about such as location changes, timetable changes and facility usage. If such a situation arises, Cambridge Bootcamps have the right to change class location/combine classes/change class times and will endevour to give as much notice as possible to their members. 


.-We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots of you for press or promotional purposes. However, where reasonably possible, we will ask your consent to this usage.

- Cambridge Bootcamps are not responsible for the personal belongings of the members or visitors at any of our sites and cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in instructors’ bags, or left at meeting points for classes.

-Members must be 16 years or over.

PAR-Q medical questionnaire and Assumption of Risk

-All clients undertake all training at their own risk. If you answer YES to one or more questions in our medical questionnaire (PAR-Q), talk with your doctor by phone or in person BEFORE you start becoming much more physically active or BEFORE you have a fitness appraisal. Tell your doctor about this PAR-Q and the questions to which you answered YES. You may be able to do any activity you want, as long as you start slowly and build up gradually, or you may need to restrict your activities to those which are safe for you. Talk with your doctor about the kinds of activities you wish to participate in and follow his/her advice. If you decide to participate in any of these activities and/or use any equipment without the approval of your doctor, you will assume all responsibility for your participation in the activities, and use of any equipment in the activities. 

-If you answer NO honestly to all Par-Q questions, you can be reasonably sure that you can start to become more physically active. Begin slowly and build up gradually. This is the safest and easiest way to go.

-It is your responsibility to advise your trainer or practitioner of any health issues or injuries that may impact your ability to undertake any or all of the training before each training session commences. If you experience any symptom or injury during a session you must immediately notify the trainer or practitioner. -In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities, events and programmes of Cambridge Bootcamps and to use the facilities and equipment owned and/or under the control of Cambridge Bootcamps or our staff, in addition to the payment of any fee or charge, you waive, release and forever discharge Cambridge Bootcamps from any and all responsibility or liability for injuries or damages resulting from your participation in any activities or your use of equipment or facilities in the above mentioned activities.

-Strength, flexibility and aerobic exercise, including the use of equipment, in the outdoors, are potentially hazardous activities. Exercise and fitness activities involve a risk of injury and even death. You are voluntarily participating in these activities and using equipment and facilities and by doing so you confirm your agreement to assume and accept all and any risks of injury or death.

-You have the right to request advice from any of the Cambridge Bootcamps staff, at any time, in relation to the activities and exercise being undertaken and, but not exclusively, their suitability for you, with particular regard to your health, safety and clothing. If you choose not to take advice, or to disregard any advice so given, you do so voluntarily and accept liability for all resulting injuries or damage.

-By participating in a Cambridge Bootcamps training session, event or other programme, whether by free trial or payment, you declare yourself to be physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease or infirmity or other illness (other than those declared on your completed medical questionnaire) that would prevent your participation or use of equipment or facilities except as herein stated.

Your Privacy

Please view our full Privacy Policy at www.cambridgebootcamps.co.uk/privacy

Our Liability

From time to time, we may update and change these terms and conditions. On signing in to your account on Teamup, you will always be prompted to read and sign the most current version. Your continued attendance at our training sessions and/or use of our website will indicate that you accept and agree to any amendments.